Skyline 600mk2 HOMEbox Ambient Q120 grow kit

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HOMEbox Ambient Q120, Skyline 600 mk2, PK 5” Eco Line Filter 125mm x 400mm, 5” PK 125 Inline Fan 420 m3/h, DuctKing Combi Ducting 5” x 5m, Quick Release Ducting Clips 5” x 2, UltraVivid Heavy Duty Lighting Timer, Root MASS 16L Fabric Pot x 4, 42cm (17”) Saucer x 4, LED – HPS Interchangeable Grow Room Glasses

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HOMEbox Ambient Q120

Skyline 600 mk2

PK 5” Eco Line Filter 125mm x 400mm

5” PK 125 Inline Fan 420 m3/h

DuctKing Combi Ducting 5” x 5m

Quick Release Ducting Clips 5” x 2

UltraVivid Heavy Duty Lighting Timer

Root MASS 16L Fabric Pot x 4

42cm (17”) Saucer x 4

LED – HPS Interchangeable Grow Room Glasses


HOMEbox Ambient Q120

120 x 120 x 200 cm
The Ambient Q120 growbox is a clear favourite among dedicated indoor growers and can be used for all stages of the plant lifecycle, a superproductive grow-box!
• Assembled size: 120 x 120 x 200 cm • 2 year manufacturer warranty

HOMEbox Ambient R120

The perfect fit!

Hobby growers looking to make the most of a single 600-watt grow light need look no further! This new ingenious design provides just over a square meter of growing space, but in rectangular form. Why? Because it’s ideally proportioned to exploit every photon from a 600-watt HID grow light housed in a rectangular reflector. The HOMEbox® Ambient R120 has been tailor-made to create an evenly lit and intensely productive grow space thanks to both its perfect proportions and PAR+ super reflective lining. An air-cooled reflector can be independently ventilated thanks to the twin 160 mm (6.3”) air-ports on either side. A generous 200 mm (8”) duct in the roof facilitates easily mountable garden ventilation as well as two 200 mm (8”) OmniFlow directable air vents and a 160 mm (6.3”) duct for additional active ventilation if required. The perfect growbox for a small corner!

Assembled size: 120 x 90 x 180 cm
Grow space: 1.08 m2

  • High-tech German design and engineering
  • Rugged, plant-safe materials ensures long working life
  • Removable, water-resistant flooring
  • Solid base attached to the tent with a zip all the way around
  • Double side access
  • Inlet and outlet tubes:
    + 100 mm (4”): 1x right, 1x left, 1x Back
    + 160 mm (6.3”): 1x right, 2x left
    + 200 mm (8”): 1x Roof
  • 2 x 200mm (8”) OmniFlow-Airvents left and right side
  • 700-micron MicroMesh bug-screen
  • Tough canvas outer shell
  • PAR+ super reflective lining promotes faster growth and higher yields
  • Super strong 22mm diameter tent poles—stronger plastic corners
  • Once closed, unit is entirely sealed and virtually lightproof
  • Total-Blackout Zippers – no need for Velcro flaps
  • Maximum Capacity: 75 kg


At the core :

skyline 600 mk2
skyline 600 mk2

The series is based around a single 100W modular LED unit which is fitted with CREE’s powerful XTE series LED’s.  This unit is fan-less, and IP65rated.  Each module has a blend of LED types (CREE XTE) to create a powerful spectrum that at the bottom-line does wonders in the grow room.

Each version of the Skyline led grow lights uses a different arrangement of the 100W modules. The design uses high quality LED driver units, and all wiring and connectors are sealed and even water-tight.

 Key Features

1. Advanced Alumimum-Fin heatsink, providing cooling without needing noisy fault prone fans.

2. Red & White – Light .

Our blend appears visually primarily white due to the balance of the output spectrum,

which both the plants and growers both LOVE.

3. The modular structure is industrial grade and highly servicable and upgradable.

4. Heavy-duty KIT.

5. Unique design using removable power supply and light source

6. Supplied with a generous 5M cable and mains plug.

7. Weight 9.5KG

8. Only using 300w power

Mounting System

The Skyline includes a heavy duty KIT.

  • Free UK Delivery 
  • Hanging KIT & Power Lead 
  • 5 Years Total Peace of mind Warranty
  • 5 years Technical / after sales support
  • From a UK based Company – no long waits for units/parts or repairs
  • Instant Communication at all times.



Very quickly rising to the top of our hot list, the Skyline is a masive performer.  The combination of stealth-bomber looks and large surface area of powerful LED point sources set the scene and follow up with explosive results in the growing phase, huge flowering and unbelievable yields of rock solid sticky buds.  With the high yielding varieties, or anything for that matter, this lamp can really drive them beyond expectation.

Real-world results are important to us, and this lamp definately is a massive move in the right direction.  But of course we’ve also put the final setup through the usual barrage of tests to characterise its performance and give you the figures you’ll want to know.

5″ (125mm) Prima Klima Extraction Kit 420 m3/h

Prima Klima have been at the forefront of grow room extraction since 1996.

Trusted, reliable and manufactured in Europe they have been a staple in the hydroponics industry for over twenty years.

Our extraction kits come complete with a Prima Klima Fan, a Prima Klima Ecoline Filter, 5 metres of Combi Ducting and 2 x Quick Release Duct Clips.

Root MASS 16L Fabric Pot

Root MASS Fabric Pots are becoming a firm favourite with growers. They are made from a breathable fabric which work as a great alternative to traditional plastic pots. Root MASS fabric pots have multiple benefits. See below.

UltraVivid Heavy Duty Lighting Timer

• Heavy duty segmental mechanical timer

• 15 minute timing intervals

• 24 hour control with 96 switching operations

• Designed to take the high load produced by a 600w ballast

• No separate contactor required

• Can run 1 x 600w HID ballast

• 12 Month Manufacture Warranty

5″ (125mm) Prima Klima Extraction Kit 420 m3/h

Prima Klima have been at the forefront of grow room extraction since 1996.

Trusted, reliable and manufactured in Europe they have been a staple in the hydroponics industry for over twenty years.

12 Month Manufacture Warranty


LED – HPS Interchangeable Grow Room Glasses

  • Protect your eyes don’t grow blind
  • These grow room glasses will protect your eyes from harmful light and UV rays that can be damaging; They also help provide clarity to your field of vision, which can be important when tending to your plants
  • SPECIALIZED LENSES- This set comes with blue lenses for  High Pressure Sodium (HPS) , and green lenses for LED’s.
  • Each set of lenses helps filter your view, making it easier to monitor and care for your plants regardless of the lighting
  • Industrial quality glasses are tough to find at an affordable price, yet is exactly what these hydroponics glasses are.
  • They can be used for when out and about, but the specialized lenses are ideal for working in your grow room
  • Grow room operators are at an ever-increasing risk of permanent eye damage to rapid technological advancements in commercial- and industrial-grade lighting sources becoming ever more available to hobbyists and small-scale producers who are unfamiliar with the risks this high-tech equipment poses.