Introducing new Super Helios 2,4 and 6. with copper heat sink for better heat dispersion.


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Introducing the all-new Skyline series LED Grow lights Silent & Powerful. Waterproof & Modular. Built to last the wars. The Skyline grow lights are the latest development from Bringing together the best in high-tech materials and LED chips to deliver a new range of modular LED grow light systems. Each module has a blend of LED types (CREE XTE) to create a powerful spectrum that at the bottom-line does wonders in the grow room.

The Skyline grow lights are the latest development from Bringing together the best in high-tech materials and LED chips to deliver a new range of modular LED grow light systems. These units are a step change when it comes to build quality and real world performance.

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  • Skyline 200w
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    Super Helios by ledhydroponics

    Super Helios is the Perfect Solution to All Your Light Troubles!
    Because it overcomes the problems with traditional grower lighting systems: fluorescent lights produce the wrong colour spectrum, incandescent lights have low illumination, and HPS lights produce a lot of heat.The Super Helios offers just the right combination of colour spectrum, light intensity, and heat. This makes our Super Helios the ideal and more balanced solution to your problem.With Super Helios shining its bright and non-damaging light on your plants, you can expect your plants to grow, flourish, and blossom in front of your eyes. We give you a 90 days money back guarantee! If Super Helios does not impress you, return the product back to us. 

    You cannot get this full-spectrum arrangement from anywhere else because we have them beat when it comes to quality and affordability.

    Do not let the size of Super Helios fool you because our LED grow light solution is fully capable of providing your plants with a high and expansive light intensity — emitting over the entire grow area.

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    super Helios chip 54 x 3w

    • Super Helios Pro 6 LED grow light

      Super Helios Pro 6- 1200w

      Super Helios Pro 6 : 1200W LED grow light LED Hydroponics UK

      Deadly accurate description
      Deadly accurate description. You’ve hit the bullseye, i try mashydro led and few from china. i done 1 grow with super 6 and got 35% more than Marshydro 2 1200w.
      this unit only use 580w and i pull over 750g of fat buds. i going get 1 more.
      Review by Lesa / (Posted on 23/04/2016)
      Bling bling
      Amazing led. I used Mars led and black bog led but super Helios 6 so much better.
      Got 1327 grams from 2 super Helios 6. That’s over 40% more then my last harvest.
      I am going try skyline next. Happy smoking all. PPP
      Review by brenchy / (Posted on 23/04/2016)
      Quality unit
      i been using this for last 2 months, very happy with my grow.
      buds coming on nicely, the chap at ledhydro is very knowledgeable and helpfull.

      Review by asmess79hec / (Posted on 05/04/2016)
      Life saver
      This lights just saved my grow. My tent was at 34C with my hps 600w. With led they are at 27c and buds looking good.

      Review by Mark / (Posted on 31/01/2016)
      Good lights and good company. 4 days to my country Italy
      Review by Bradley / (Posted on 23/10/2015)
      Good quality product and plants seem to love them, only been using for a 5 week but new growth is amazing.
      got good advice and info from muddy, he know he’s growing.
      Review by dan boy / (Posted on 25/07/2015)
      will recommended
      really happy with my purchase. is exactly as described and came within 2 days. great quality and works fantastically. growing in a 1.2x 1.2m tent and my girls love this new lights, buds very nice and fat, will buy more and will recommended. Only complain is the hanging kit can be better.
      Review by Laura Stone one / (Posted on 21/04/2015)
      top product
      Although this light is on the higher end price range, the results are truly amazing, I had a 70% higher yield, I would recommend this product to any serious grower
      Review by jayne / (Posted on 10/11/2014)
    • Helios Pro 2

      Super Helios Pro 2

       Helios Pro2 150W LED Hydroponics UK

      Good quality and works as good as my 400w HPS. I got 3 units super Helios 2.
      100% recommend
      Review by Richard / (Posted on 21/07/2016)
      Evil lights
      Well impress with this lights. Plants likening it. Buds getting fat. Just 4 weeks in bloom.
      Much bigger buds then ones under Mars hydro 600w.
      Review by Wednesday / (Posted on 18/07/2016)
      happy customer
      new to growing game, lights look well made and are working.
      got loads growing information and Muddy is always happy to help.

      Review by francis / (Posted on 15/04/2016)
    • Super Helios 4 - 768W LED grow light

      Super Helios Pro 4 – 800w

      Super Helios Pro 4 : 800W LED grow light LED Hydroponics UK

      Highly recommended, dont waste money on cheap leds
      Been growing with these lights for a few years now, i really like them and they do a fantastic job blowing most shity bands outa the water. Pricey but worth the extra £££ to get quality and excellent warranty (replacement parts within days)
      Review by AlmightyBruce / (Posted on 29/09/2016)
      finaly led that works.
      this led do the job well as good as my 600W HPS, I have use Chinese and marshydro bullshit led.
      Mars is absolute trash. Chinese company spreading bullshit reviews. mars led buds was small., worth the money to buy good led.
      Review by Nicholas / (Posted on 26/04/2016)
      old HPS grower.
      always happy with my HPS but it hard work every summer and i can only run 1 x 600w sodium, normally run 3x 600w.
      i was reluctant to change to led but after talking to muddy i went for 2 x super helios 4 on the 90 day money back.
      as i promise muddy if lights work i will give good review. i got 4 of this units now, using less power and getting more yield.
      100% recommended.

      Review by weedman / (Posted on 05/09/2015)
      Bad ass
      Blood this lights bad ass. 1 up
      Review by kaliman / (Posted on 26/08/2015)
      Go for it!
      Another first time grower and I got excellent results. The plants loved this light and looked really healthy throughout the grow. Pricey, but I paid premium for a UK dealer so it’s good to know from the review below that there is a friendly and efficient service when things go wrong. Great light! So glad I went for LED. I would highly recommend this light and this retailer.
      Review by Gadge / (Posted on 28/04/2015)
      efficient and friendly service and good grow advice
      I had a warranty issue with one of the Helios 4 LED chip went out. I call ledhydro and got parts in 2 days and was easy to change. Anyone can change efficient and friendly service!
      I am first time grower and I am very happy with my plants and I also get good advice from muddy at ledhydroponics. 100% recommend this company.
      Review by bongo man / (Posted on 21/04/2015)
      will buy more
      The light works great. Have the super Helios 4 The footprint of the light output is amazing, covering a 4′ x 4′ area at only 45cm above canopy. Growth rate is phenomenal. The light itself is wonderful, I still love the light, plants are 6weeks into flower and look every bit as good as HID grown plants (if not better). Lower electric bill and heat issues gone forever! Just love this led.
      Review by Nick B / (Posted on 21/04/2015)

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