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Welcome to the LED Hydroponics Blog

Energy Consumption By Indoor Marijuana Growers Will Be An Issue For The Expanding Marijuana Industry Moving Forward.

 All led grow lights are from all grows are from ledhydroponics customers.

AutoWhite Widow

AutoWhite Widow is very consistent and easy to grow with any grow method. Our automatic version is ready to harvest around 75 days after germination and will yield outdoor 50 to 150g+ of cannabis from a single plant. Experienced indoor auto growers will be able to harvest 200g+ from a single plant, especially when grown in hydro Deep Water Culture systems. Plants reach around 60cm to 1m tall.

Benfits of LED growlight technology

The LED grow lights consume much less power and generate much less heat per grow light than either HPS grow lights or CFL grow lights.

LED grow lights have a long lifetime of approximately 50’000 hours of use so they easily outlive their traditional grow light counterparts and continue to deliver excellent growing results for years to come. whilst saving on 70-80% of your electricity bill.

LED grow lights are efficient – they reduce your carbon footprint, your energy footprint and your thermal footprint.

Why our lights give consistent, excellent results

Full Spectrum Technology

Our very specific wave lengths are the result of over 5 years of research, and development. Our years of testing have ensured that our grow lights have evolved beyond the competition to contain the best spectrums for achieving vegetative growth as well as bigger fruits and denser buds.

Our design of specific Red, Blue, UV ”B” , Warm White 3,000k & Infra-red bandwidths provide the most beneficial light for your plants. The green, orange, & yellow spectrum provides very little to no benefit to the development of your plants therefore we don’t use these bandwidths in our design.

Anything more than 9 spectrums is just a marketing ploy without any scientific basis. With the development of New Technology these wavelengths can be found at the key absorption points along the photosynthetic spectrum.


ledhydroponics LED Grow Lights deliver over 90% absorb able light to your plants, compared to only 15% with High Intensity Discharge Lighting, but that’s not where it ends. The ultimate goal to developing a Commercial and Warehouse Grow-ready LED Grow Light is to be able to deliver the optimum wavelengths your plants require and be able to support all cycles of plant growth.

 Plants crave different wavelengths during each cycle of growth therefore you need the appropriate elements designed into your lighting system to support this function. By using ledhydroponics LED Technology, we developed a series of LED Grow Lights that BEAT Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium Lighting.

In addition, as our LED Grow lights emit only narrow bands of light at these frequencies in the light spectrum, this maximises the effect of the LED grow light in relation to the electricity used. LED grow lights are available in red-only, blue-only and general purpose red-blue-mixed combinations to cater for your requirement.

Do led grow lights work? Yes leds work for growing, you just need to buy good quality led grow lights. We use bridgelux leds from USA and a high quality isolated power supply that’s why we can give you 5 years warranty and 90 days money back guarantee (see Terms for more info) We can show you led grow diaries to prove leds work. Check out Quantum’s you-tube channels click to see youtube Most led grow lights on e bay or directly from China use cheap Chinese led chips with not always the right spectrum that works for growing. Disco lights are not good for growing.Their led grow lights looks similar, even have the same information and model name.We are the only led grow light company to have a service center in the UK. And a 4 to 5 days turn around. You don’t have send faulty lights back to China and wait for 5 to 6 weeks to get them back or have to pay for shipping and VAT when they come back therefore not saving money in the long run. Most Chinese copy’s don’t work anyway.Why don’t most hydro shop sell led grow lights? Most of them have never tried a good led grow light. Also they wouldn’t make money on replacement bulbs or ballast. Many Pro growers change HPS bulbs every grow(3 months), that’s 4 bulbs a year. Leds have got 50,000 hours life so there is no need to change anything for 7 to 12 years.

Beware of low quality lookalikes

Although majority of products are made in China nowadays, Chinese companies don’t have the same trading standards. Our products go through stringent testing to ensure that they last the five year period.

We offer a 100% full UK warranty. Get peace of mind, buy with confidence, and more importantly, achieve RESULTS

LED grow Light FAQ’s

Q: What is the Lumen output for your LED grow light?

A: Lumen’s are a measure of thelight seen by the HUMAN eye. Plants do not see the same light thathumans see and therefore lumen’s are irrelevant when it comes toplant lighting. Our LED Grow Lights produce light in the wavelengthsthat plants need the most. Only a small percentage of the lightproduce by an HID light is absorbed by plants which means that 80% ofthe Lumen’s are wasted.

Q: Which colour spectrum do I need formy plants?

A: Full spectrum Extreme Flower: Our ExtremeFlower LEDs are built for both vegetative and flowering designed to perform extremely well inall stage growing. Our colour recipe is a unique combination of LEDs that have been proven to exceed HID light in flower/fruit quality whilealso providing the quantity of flowers all growers expect.

Q: How do LED grow lights work?

A: Basically, LED grow lights areunique in that they emit light that is within the spectrum that iscorrespondent to optimal plant absorption capabilities (red andblue). Since they are directional, they require no reflectors orballasts like HID lighting. Additionally, all of the light that theyemit is usable so they consume much less energy than their old schoolpredecessors.

Q: Does LED grow lighting burn hot likeHID systems?

A: No, that is one of the significantadvantages that LED indoor growth systems provide. The lights arejust warm to the touch, and they don’t heat up the growing area atall, so no additional cooling is necessary.

Q: People say that LED growing lightssave you money on your power bill. How much?

A: Studies show that the energyefficient LED grow lights typically provide 50%-90% saving over theHID lights when you factor in reduced cooling costs.

Q: Which indoor grow lights lastlonger, HID or LED?

A: LED grow lights for plants typicallylast about six times longer that the inefficient HID systems.

Q: I’ve heard some people say indoorLED grow lights don’t work, why is that?

A: There have been marketers who usethe advantages of LED technology as selling points, and then attach alow price tag on a light that is simply not strong enough tostimulate plant growth. We provide nothing less than 120w LED growlights sourced from industry leaders who have a proven track recordof success.

Q: Are these LED lights discreet?

A: Absolutely. In addition to the factthat they don’t increase your power bill by any eye-catching amount,they also leave no thermal signature

All led grow lights are from

all grows are from ledhydroponics customers.